When newcomers respond to our advertising messages, they especially check out the people. The real test of our advertising is what happens when seekers encounter “The people of The United Methodist Church.” That’s why training is one of the five key components of Igniting Ministry.

To make the benefits of The United Methodist Church real, our people have to LIVE the promise of “Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors.”

Welcoming training is available through an online course, national events, or local events.


We’ve put a fresh spin on welcoming training. “Open Hearts Welcoming Training” is a highly interactive course includes quizzes, discussion areas, and more. Check it out! Next course opens January 15, 2009.


Sponsored by United Methodist Communications, staffed by Igniting Ministry, and hosted by annual conferences, these events take place in each of the five jurisdictions of the church.

Each event offers three training tracks at the same time. Choose one or bring a team and cover all three:

  • Welcome: Basic Welcoming Training
  • Connect: Advanced Welcoming Skills
  • Identify: Creating a Unique Identity

If you’re new to Igniting Ministry, or if you’ve been involved since the beginning, there is something valuable for you at a national Igniting Ministry training event.

  Where are national training events?
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  • Questions? E-mail
  • Call toll free (877) 281-6535


Igniting Ministry trainers from across the country are available to come to your conference, district or church to help your congregation learn about Igniting Ministry and develop a church lifestyle of welcoming. Although United Methodist Communications does not sponsor these local events, we can help you locate a local trainer for your event.

If you’d like to host a local training event with trainers from your area or you want more information, call us at (877) 281-6535 or email the training office at


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