Trainer Toolbox

Trainer Toolbox


Also vailable through the Igniting Ministry national training events

Living Our Promise of “open hearts, open minds, open doors” requires constant effort and attention. Help your congregation embrace the idea of welcoming as a lifestyle with these 12, ready-made training sessions. From an overview of Igniting Ministry, to a worship service that teaches welcoming, to a session that helps your congregation through transition and change, this toolbox offers step-by-step suggestions to enhance your church’s welcoming ministry.

A Trainer’s Guide offers step-by-step instructions for leading the training, including suggested audiences for each session. The session outlines indicate what equipment and supplies to prepare, what handouts to use, what video clips to show, and what questions to ask the participants, while allowing trainers to add a local flair or perspective to the presentations.

A CD-Rom with handouts and other helpful tools. Organized by session, the CD includes MS Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files for use on Mac and PC.

A VHS videocassette or DVD (choose the format that works best for you) includes one or more video clips that illustrate the session’s key points.


The toolbox takes the materials presented at the Igniting Ministry training events and breaks them down in to one-to-two hour sessions, to fit your congregation members’ busy lifestyles.

Session titles and subjects:

  • Session 1 – Overview for Church Leaders (teach the basics of welcoming and media ministry)
  • Session 2 – Igniting Ministry Team Orientation (help get a team ready to lead your welcoming and media)
  • Session 3 – Training Ushers and Greeters (not the logistics, but the heart of welcoming)
  • Session 4 – One-Hour Welcoming (a short, focused session for any group in your church)
  • Session 5 – Welcoming 201 – Advanced Role-Play (take welcoming to the next level)
  • Session 6 – WOW! Worship of Welcoming (teach welcoming to most of the church at one time)
  • Session 7 – Stop the Revolving Door (ideas for keeping newcomers once they attend)
  • Session 8 – Leading through Change (help manage transitions that come with welcoming)
  • Session 9 – Open – In and Out (ideas for getting out into the community as an inviting presence)
  • Session 10 – Being Great! (focus on your congregation’s strengths to help define your image)
  • Session 11 – Losing Your Luggage (move beyond the past to claim a bright future)
  • Session 12 – Who Do You Say I Am? (help members learn that they are key to your church’s identity)

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