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Theater advertising can be a wonderful way to get your message to lots of people after business hours and on weekends. Americans have attended at least five movies a year since 1996.

Theater advertising can communicate simple yet powerful messages, and can be used as an invitation to your church(es). With more than 2,400 screens displaying cinema advertisements nationwide, you are sure to find a theatre near your church for your “big screen” message. But what exactly is theater/cinema advertising and how does it work? Glad you asked.


Theater advertising takes on many forms, but generally speaking, it is any paid advertisement that appears on the movie screen or in the theatre lobby. The two major methods are theater slides (ads that appear on the screen between movies) and filmed spots that appear directly prior to the movie trailers. While only large national advertisers such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have the budgets for filmed ads, theater slides are affordable and can be very effective in driving visitors to your church. For more theater advertising pros, cons and process steps, download our PDF.

Six weeks will give you ample time to select a theater, negotiate a contract, select appropriate slides/graphics, determine customization and allow time for artwork creation and actual 35mm slide output production. Bear in mind that many theaters have extended contracts and space/time slots may not be available right away.

You should also be aware of theater advertising restrictions and guidelines which may prevent a theater from approving the slide artwork you want to use. Restrictions are not issues that arise frequently and, historically, we have been able to address them and obtain exceptions to these restrictions.


You can view and download all cinema slides (and all other Igniting Ministry advertising) from the MediaWarehouse.


The process:

  1. select theater/theater chain
  2. determine desired art work and customization
  3. execute the space contract (might require a credit application)
  4. produce any artwork resizing or customization
  5. finished slides to theater vendor who will post ad in 5-10 business days

When placing theater advertising, your total cost will be based on 3 elements:

  • space = time slots; contract length
  • reach = number of slides and frequency
  • production = the artwork and 35mm slide.

Your local theater may offer to handle all production and only comparison shopping will determine whether an all-in-one package will be a bargain for you.

Before you sign a contract with a theater company, you will usually find that theater advertising is an “all or none” proposition. Customarily, you WILL NOT be able to filter which movies your slides are aired against. (You will not be able to specifically exclude certain movies containing violence, adult language/content or questionable religious portrayals from your run schedule.)

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