Selecting A Buyer

Selecting A Buyer


We recommend, whenever possible, using the Igniting Ministry media services. This service is provided in coordination with our advertising agency of record, a highly respected and professional, full-service agency. The campaign strategies and advertising guidelines are a direct result of its work with us. In addition, all media placed by the agency results in a significant rebate from its commission to be used solely for additional advertising.

When using the Igniting Ministry media services is not possible, please carefully review the following guidelines.


What media has been placed by the service in the past five years? What media is currently being placed by the service?
Is the service experienced in placing the type of media being placed by the church?

Effective and efficient media schedules require objective analysis of all options and aggressive negotiation for favorable rates. Decisions should be made based on the objectives of the church, not personal or business relationships. A good buying service (company or individual) should have the experience and be able to provide references that can verify their ability to buy schedules in this manner.


Does the service subscribe to Nielsen for television ratings?

Only direct access to Nielsen data can provide a true picture of ratings. Beware of buying services that depend on the television stations to supply ratings. While the stations utilize Nielsen ratings, they can manipulate those ratings to their advantage.


Does the buying service take responsibility for monitoring schedules as they air?
Does the buying service thoroughly audit media invoices for accuracy of cost, spot placement and spot rotations?
Will the buying service provide a written post-buy analysis for spot TV schedules?

The stewardship of a television schedule is as important as the media purchase because the schedule is only as good as what actually airs. Thus, stewardship practices should be a major consideration in selecting a service.


Is the buying service financially sound?
Does the buying service pay the media in a timely manner?

The buying service represents the church and as such their financial practices reflect on the church. The church can be held responsible if the buying service fails to pay the media, even though the church has paid the buying service. Be sure to ask for and check credit references.


How is the buying service compensated for their services?

Almost all broadcast stations allow a 15 percent commission to recognized buying services within the rates they charge. This commission should cover the services of the buying entity. Beware of buying services that charge a “fee” for their services unless they bill the media at net.

Note: The compensation agreement between United Methodist Communications and its agency of record provides a reduced commission structure which provides a small rebate of the commission allowed by the media to the Church for use in buying additional advertising.

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