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Planning Handbook [2.5MB PDF]
Updated • Here is a welcoming and advertising evangelism tool, free for the downloading. How do you reach out effectively to your communigy? Here are how-to ideas. How does your church intentionally live into a welcoming lifestyle? Look at yourself in light of what God has in mind for you and where you are. Create an environment in which guests are comfortable and members are ministers of hospitality. Here are assessment tools and training for church leaders.

The wealth of offerings include a media Matching Grant application, tips on how advertising can help get your message into your community, best practices for working with media organizations, how to find free collateral on MediaWarehouse, and how to form a committee and get started.

Expression Packages
It’s easy to share a community message with a compelling emotional theme that’s relevant to both seekers and your members. “Believe Again.” “Share Your Gifts.” “If You Can Wish, You Can Believe.” “Find Your Path. Share The Journey.”

Explore all the messages — there’s a kit of everything you need!

Each “Package” is a kit of graphics and advertising designed around unique biblical, emotional, and strategic theme (prayer, spiritual journey, sharing God’s gifts, etc.). Each comprehensive package includes biblical foundation guide to the theme, TV and radio commercials, direct mail, outdoor, welcoming training, worship graphics and a SpiritFilm–inspiring video for work or small groups–to be used again and again throughout the years.

Igniting Ministry Planning Kit Owners
Although the Planning Kit is no longer sold, anyone owning one has a valuable ongoing Church investment at their fingertips.Just download the updated Planning Handbook (above), and continue using your Kit.

Don’t forget, owners, your Kit includes 6 CDs of resources to help you enhance your welcoming and marketing efforts, and this information is designed to help you keep reaping the benefit of your original investment year after year.

BEYOND 30 SECONDS: Developing a Welcoming Congregation
This seven-session small-group video series is for all local congregations wanting to go beyond the 30-second length of the national television commercials to explore what may block our ability to welcome others.


LIVING OUR PROMISE: The Igniting Ministry Trainer’s Toolbox
12 complete training sessions
Updated • Just add your own passion for your church! This resource offers ready-to-go training that guides leaders on exactly what to do, and even say, during each session. Session titles, details and ordering information.


Constantly Updated •The Media Warehouse is a free online store where you can browse hundreds of “Open Hearts” advertising materials and resources. Search with convenient pull-down menus or use a keyword search — and then download.

View a television commercials or discover how-to helps, direct mail, newspaper or cinema ads, media guidelines, Web and worship graphics, research findings, campaign reports, logos and much more.





If you plan to use any of the “Open Hearts” TV commercials for your local campaign, we can customize (“tag”) them with your church’s local information. Just call our office and we will be glad to help you with this service. Call toll free (877) 281-6535.

If your newspaper, cinema or outdoor space isn’t a standard size, we can help you properly resize an ad. There is a minimal charge for this service. Just call the Igniting Ministry office, toll free (877) 281-6535.

Through Igniting Ministry free Media Services, a local church can access the expertise of Igniting Ministry’s full-service advertising agency for all their media strategies, solutions, buying and placement requests at no charge. This service is available to anyone placing any type of media — Matching Grant and non-Matching Grant alike — and can be handled as easy as contacting the Media Grants and Services office at 877-281-6535 or

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