Open House

Open House

A Year-Round State of Mind

An Open House is an opportunity to emulate Jesus’ welcoming spirit with a special emphasis on inviting and welcoming newcomers.

OPEN HOUSE (ó’pen hous)
having no confining barriers; to make available for entry; hospitality for all comers.

Each September, Igniting Ministry works with each bishop to encourage congregations to celebrate United Methodist Open House Month.This special time coordinates with the Back-to-school airing of UMC television messages.

Hosting special events, worship festivals or making other efforts to welcome those in your community present perfect opportunities to intentionally recognize Christ in everyone — and to remember that guests may look for Christ in us.

The welcoming outreach of an Open House may start in September with “United Methodist Open House Month” can carry into the holidays as hay rides with hot cider, appear during winter as a chili night, celebrate spring with an Easter egg hunt, then welcome all to a mid-summer barbeque.

Extend a warm United Methodist welcome with an “Open hearts.” welcome mat or entry banner. Browse pens, mugs, caps, shirts and more by visiting the Product Store. All products carry:

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church

Don’t forget the personal touches for your event:

  • issue personal invitations for your Open House Month, using invitational postcards and note cards;
  • convey your congregation’s welcoming spirit with customizable door hangers;
  • greet newcomers at their first point of entry with welcome mats;
  • tell your story with indoor banners and bulletin covers; or
  • wrap your thoughts for the day in coffee mugs.
  • Sprucing up for company
  • Creative event ideas

Be a good neighbor: Participate in National Neighborhood Day, this September and make it a day of simple gatherings of neighbors to re-kindle friendships; welcome new neighbors; catch up with each other; and share food, fellowship and fun. For more information and ideas about how your church could get involved, visit

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