Get Certified

Get Certified

How Do Congregations Qualify?

To qualify as a Welcoming Congregation, you must achieve a minimum of 100 points per year, as shown our Certification worksheet*. Each welcoming and inviting effort on the worksheet is assigned a point value. Use this worksheet as a guide to select those tasks or functions you would like to achieve this year (or already have in place).

Once your worksheet is complete and your district superintendent has validated the worksheet, submit it to us along with documentation (photos, copies and/or samples) for each category checked. You will receive your plaque and Find-a-Church designation within three weeks after the worksheet is submitted to the Igniting Ministry office. If you have any questions, please call us.

*Certification worksheets are available here as well as from Igniting Ministry Handbook appendices. (Planning Kit owners will need the revised worksheets from this Handbook link.)


The Handbook supports welcoming efforts by providing training, ways to gauge your current efforts, hospitality tips and event ideas.

It answers your why, when and how questions with study guides, training resources, worksheets and ready-to-use graphics.

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