In order to best reach the 25-to 54-year-old audience, each of Igniting Ministry’s TV commercials is a unique expression of a biblical, emotional and strategic theme, relevant to seekers and motivating to church leaders and members.


To assist local churches to understand and implement these themes, each commercial (and its coordinated newspaper, direct mail, etc.) are grouped into “Expressions” that specifically address the felt needs and concerns of different people.

What Is An Expression?

An expression is a group of similarly themed advertising that conveys different attributes of The United Methodist Church. All “Open Hearts” advertising falls into one of these “expressions.”

Updated Handbook

The Igniting Ministry ‘Welcoming and Media Planner’ (aka Handbook) has been updated and is now in PDF form and available free [PDF, click here]. This handbook is 153 pages of training, help, and ideas, and a great reference guide to keep handy throughout the year.

Available In Collections

For those churches who need a single resource with all the coordinated pieces for a particular theme, Igniting Ministry is introducing “Expression Packages.” Each Expression Package represents a complete collection of advertising (newspaper, direct mail, worship graphics, etc.) you can use again and again throughout the years.

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