Customizing Ads

Customizing Ads


Igniting Ministry has created ads and direct mail pieces for many different themes (“expressions”). Each expression is unique and each delivers a message relevant to a different audience. You should choose the ad that you feel is most appropriate for your congregation, and the people you want to reach out to as visitors. Customizing the ad, by including your local church’s information, provides the reader with the most important facts to be able to take the first step toward attendance.


Once you have selected the appropriate ad or direct mail piece (you can view or download all of these free from the MediaWarehouse), it’s time to customize it specifically for your church. All Igniting Ministry ‘Open Hearts’ ads offer blank space for inserting local church information and are available in computer-friendly JPG and PDF file formats so you (or your vendor) can perform the customization needed without additional effort or expense. Your information should always be succinct and include at least:
  • your church name
  • your street address (possibly with a significant land mark indicated)
  • service times
  • your church web address can be included as well

For print ads, we also advise against using more than two lines of space in order to prevent the ad becoming too cluttered. The objective of putting your local church information in an ad is to provide enough detail for a reader to be able to attend or make contact with the church.


Offering a phone number creates a myriad of public expectations, and careful consideration should be given whether to insert a phone number in your advertising or not. Can you put a plan in place for answering the phone for the entire placement period? Offering a phone number, particularly on a billboard, can overtax an organization with response questions and appeals, which is why we strongly recommend against listing phone numbers on outdoor advertising.

Need More Information?

More How-To help is available from the Advertising menu (left) is to assist you with placing local media, understanding media terms, customizing your advertising, working with vendors, or negotiating media placement. You can also download customizable advertising free from the MediaWarehouse. If you have any questions, the Igniting Ministry office will be glad to help you (toll free at 877-281-6535)

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