“A magnificent home … is nothing like the feeling of building up another human in need.” – from a newspaper ad in the “classifieds” expression.

Sometimes, those seeking spiritual well being look in all the wrong places — including the personal ads or classifieds section of your local newspaper.

Whether they’re looking to buy a new car, land a new job or discover a new diet to satisfy their emotional longing, people will find your ads,  placed either in the regular classifieds column or as display ads elsewhere in the paper. These are carefully crafted to make seekers reconsider their quest. By putting The United Methodist Church in a mix of material offerings, this expression sets up your church as a better answer to truly deliver life-changing possibilities.

This expression can be inexpensive, as low as the cost of a classified ad. The ads should run in the specific section of the classifieds denoted at the top of each execution (see the artwork), or larger versions may run in other areas of the newspaper to uniquely deliver the same unexpected promise for the church.

Not all newspapers will accept classified ads from a church. The expression includes six specific classified ads. These should merely be copied onto paper and submitted to the newspaper with your classified payment. Regular display newspaper ads in this expression are purchased like all other advertising.



You can preview and order or download all of this expression online at the Media Warehouse. If you are an owner of the Igniting Ministry Planning Kit you will find this expression on CD

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