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Breaking News

“Fear is not the only force at work in the world today.” – from the Breaking News outdoor ad.

Three days after Igniting Ministry began, the tragic events of 9/11 struck. In the days following, Igniting Ministry produced a hope-filled message that addressed the fears of our nation. It helped bring people together and provide God’s comfort during a time of turmoil.

This expression of the campaign was designed in the midst of the 9/11 tragedy, anthrax scare and subsequent military activity in Afghanistan. As a result of the terrorist attacks, the number of people searching for spiritual well being has risen and will continue to rise. The “hole in the soul” identified by preliminary Igniting Ministry research is widening and deepening worldwide.

This expression is also appropriate for use during times of local crisis. The TV spot is not available for local airing. However, newspaper and radio can be used locally. Unique to this expression is a radio public service announcement (PSA), which can be placed in local media free of charge. Available for download below are guidelines to assist you in placing the PSA in your area. Click here to read how to place radio PSAs .

Extreme care should be taken when placing these emotionally powerful pieces of communication. They are meant to be messages of hope rather than a group of advertisements.



You can preview and order or download (MP3 files) all of this expression online at the Media Warehouse .

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