Beyond 30 Product

Beyond 30 Product


“A small- group study resource that ensures our welcoming promise goes beyond the 30 seconds of our television commercials.” – Tex Sample

This seven-session small-group video series is for all local congregations wanting to go beyond the 30-second length of the national television commercials to explore what may block our ability to welcome others. This group resource is designed for any congregation wanting to sharpen its welcoming skills. Each session explores how individuals or a small group can assist a congregation to view welcoming, not as a program, but as a way of living within the body of Christ. Each kit contains a Leader’s Guide, a Learner’s Guide and a seven-session DVD. Download “How To Adapt Beyond 30 Seconds” (PDF)



A Leader’s Guide offers step-by-step instructions for the leader of the group, including aids to making the most of each session, a helpful preparation checklist, hints for leading small groups and devotional center ideas. This full-sized guide (8-1/2” x 11”) steers the small-group leader through each session.

A Learner’s Guide is the participants’ guide. It explores Scripture, helps group members discuss their individual “WQ” (Welcoming Quotients), offers Life Lessons and includes a Field Journal for field assignments. This convenient small-sized guide explores welcoming in terms of “Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.” with plenty of room for notes.

A Seven-Session DVD includes one or more video clips that assist the group in discussing each session of Beyond 30 Seconds. A host guides the participants through fun and interactive discussions, as well as examples of welcoming congregations.


Beyond 30 Seconds’ seven study sessions are built on the themes of the United Methodist national television advertising campaign, which explores a basic principle. We must ensure that what newcomers experience in the television commercials is available in our local churches: a welcoming and inviting congregation.


  • Session 1 — What Is Welcoming?
  • Session 2 — Classifieds: Trying To Fill the Hole in the Soul
  • Session 3 — Good Works: Putting Faith Into Action
  • Session 4 — Diversity: Understanding What Unites Us
  • Session 5 — Breaking News: Coping with the Unexpected
  • Session 6 — Rain: Seeing God in the Everyday

  • Session 7 — Love Letters: Mending a Lost Relationship

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