Old and new wineskins side by side — striving to honor the past and and plan for the futureien.

Igniting Ministry has moved and with it, we hope, is your support and engagement in the new campaign, RETHINK CHURCH. Igniting ministry training, grants, welcoming and free graphics will still be available to you. Learn how your local church can participate at Training.RethinkChurch.org, MediaGrants.RethinkChurch.org, and Welcoming.RethinkChurch.org Together we can Open hearts. Open minds and Open doors. Come with us to Rethinkchurch.org



Teen Welcome

Igniting Ministry now offers a teen welcoming program component. As with its adult program, a handbook walks you through this generation, the theology, training resources and the freeee customizable materials — but this is where similarities end.
Remember, this is not just about teens and youth groups. It’s for a generation of young people who need you; who need to hear the word of God in a language they understand — a language of texting, blogs and social networking. Welcome to the brave, new world of teen welcoming, Igniting Ministry style.

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